We don’t provide a formal laundry service.

However, we have washing and drying machines for guest use. We provide regular detergent (let the staff know if it’s running out at any of the locations) but not post-wash or specialist detergents.

Wi – Fi

All our properties have wi-fi throughout. Note that there can be “blind spots”: Japanese building codes are stringent and this can mean impenetrable walls in places.

Please ask our staff for the appropriate password or refer to the information booklet in your room/apartment.

Transport Service

Within the village, you absolutely don’t need transport!

Locally, to visit Iiyama where there’s a comprehensive shopping area, or for excursions to nearby resorts, restaurants, tourist sites, etc, we can arrange taxis or mini/microbus service on a day’s notice. We may be able to do this at shorter notice but resources in and around the village are limited.

For longer distance travel, airport transfers, etc, please talk to our staff as early as possible for us to arrange for you.
The bus service to Iiyama is good and we have timetables available. Due to limited resources, we are unable to offer pickup services.

Parking Space

We have a small number of parking spaces available for guests in Address Nozawa, Kawamotoya, View Hotel, Elizabeth, and (in summer) Paradise Chalet.  However, Nozawa’s charm is that of a small village and hence parking space is scarce – please understand that we must therefore give priority to guests who have reserved their parking space at the same time as booking their accommodation.
Parking will cost JPY 2,000 per night per vehicle.

There is some –very limited – paid parking space in different areas of the village which we can assist with.


Kawamotoya has an astonishing rooftop view and its a perfect spot to watch the annual Dosojin “Fire Festival”. Every year, we invite our guests to join us for a sip of sake (or hot chocolate!) and watch the ritual from a safe distance.

Hot Bath

Kawamotoya has its own hot baths, one for men, and one for ladies. The piping hot water will warm you to the core, relaxing your muscles after a long day of skiing. After showering off, ease yourself into the soothing bath, and think of… nothing.

As the old saying goes, “don’t just do something, sit there”.

A comfortable changing room completes the experience.